Tracking 1 – Face to Face Interactions

I am interested in seeing how Quantified Self (self knowledge through numbers) can enhance face to face interaction. There is an argument that technology is bring people apart, causing them to not interact as much, and sometimes not even know how to interact with people. I wonder if designed correctly technology could have the oposite affect.

I want to explore this by developing a tool for children with social development delays. Help them encounter, recognize, and improve face to face social interactions.

To start I am tracking my personal face to face interactions to see what kind of interactions I have on a daily basis. Also, to see if this data collected and viewed over time teaches something new.

After using multiple tools (hand notes throughout the day, transcribed at night into excel) to try and find one that works I finally ended up using Daytum:

Tracked face to face interactions from August 5 – August 24.

Cause of interaction:

Type of interaction:

Active tracking is difficult. No matter how interested or dedicated, I often forgot to track in the moment and had to try and remember. So, the accuracy is pretty close, but not perfect.

Overwhelming amount of people. Most days were pretty easy to record in the moment or reflect on later, but there were a few days that I met a lot of new people that I could not remember names, circumstances, etc… first day of school, conference for church, etc.

A lot of context. Each interaction was in a context and that context was important to how I should ‘act’ in the interaction. I tried to capture this by recording why the interaction was happening. This helped me remember a bit of the context, but after time goes by it gets harder and harder to remember the context.

Importance of interactions. There is a large variety of interactions from saying good morning to the bus driver, to planning the family budget with my wife. It was hard to capture this variance.

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